How to write your first blog post

In the previous blog, we discussed Write Your Awesome About Page. so I hope you are very excited to learn “how to write your first blog post” but at starting you must focus on your writing habits.

In those early days

I’ve stared at the blank document.

Writing, striking, writing, striking the first ever sentence of the page.

I’ve spent hours on it…

I was scared that the second sentence or paragraph might never come.

I thought writing is not my cup of tea…I wasn’t made/designed to write.

I wanted to quit

But my passion about bikes and desire to succeed stopped me from quitting.

But it didn’t make it easy to write.

It took me a month before I wrote 500 words as my first blog post draft.

And a couple of weeks more to make it to 700 words.

Another week in editing it before publishing.

You might feel the same.

Writing might sound overwhelming..especially if you’ve not written much before.

But, you got to overcome it.

Because mastering writing is essential for your blogging success.

Remember, you don’t have to become a Hemingway or Stephen King or Jeffrey Archer.

You need to write good enough to keep your readers attention and engage them to the end of the blog post.

And good enough to convince your readers to take action…

Whether it’s getting comments or signing up to your newsletter or buy products you promote

Because that’s how you get close to your success.

The truth is, writers are not born.

It’s true for every one of the successful writers or bloggers out there.

Each one of them started somewhere…

And they mastered the skill through practice…

And you can too…

All you need to do is practice.

Which means you need to write regularly…

Write everyday…

You don’t have to write thousands of words.

Start small and grow..

Start writing 250 words a day which shouldn’t be hard.

Then increase to 500 words a day

And when you can write 500 words a day regularly, you’re more or less ready to attempt your blog post.

Most people dive into their first blog post, go through the staring contest with the blank document expecting the words will come to them.

Or try to copy someone’s post or do a poor job of picking things from various places and fake it as a post.

Both lead to failure.

People visit your blog to read your version of things, your perspective or your take…

If they don’t find it, they will bolt.

That’s why it is important to practice writing before taking your dig at your blog post.

Let me put it another way…

Do you get into the boxing ring on the first day of your training without any practice?

Nope..unless you want that to be your last day on the ring.

You need to learn the stance and footwork first.

You need to learn to throw the punch

You need to learn to jab and hook.

You need to learn the combos

And practice them for hundreds of hours before allowed to step inside the ring.


That’s how it works for writing too.

Writing 250 words and 500 words every day is like that…

Training your mind

Training your body

Finding the rhythm that works for you.

Focusing and letting the words come to you

You need to practice.

Don’t worry about writing every day.

In the next Blog, I’ll help you to write every day.

For now, open a document and write 250 words.