How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

How to Generate Blog Post Ideas

Do you know the biggest problem every blogger face when they start blogging? And even those who have been blogging for a while cannot escape from this. What’s it? How to Generate Blog Post Ideas.

Yes… that’s the biggest problem.

But… it really isn’t a problem if you know the trick.

And that’s what you are going to learn in this blog.

1: Google Suggest & Searches Related to… Method

First, let’s go to our favorite google.

Type in your keyword [which you’ve shortlisted during the keyword research part]…

And the trick is not to press the enter key.

Let me explain this with an example:

Go to google and type “weight loss for” and instead of pressing the enter key, press the spacebar

What do you see?

– Weight loss for women

– Weight loss for men

– Weight loss for diabetics

– Weight loss for pros

– Weight loss for women over 40

And so on… right?

You get suggestions related to the keyword you typed.

You can collect them and use them to find even more suggestions.

Now, pick one from those suggestions and press enter and go to the bottom of the search results.

What do you see?

Searches related to [the keyword you entered]

In my case I get…

Searches related to weight loss for women and there I get the gems like

– Women’s weight loss supplements

– Tips for weight loss at home

– Diet for women’s weight loss

– Natural weight loss tips

– Rapid weight loss tips

See… 5 blog post ideas right there.

Now, click on one of those related searches and look at the new searches related [to the keyword you clicked]

For example, I got

Searches related to tips for weight loss at home

– Home remedies to reduce weight in 7 days

– How to reduce weight fast at home

– How to lose weight at home fast

– How to lose weight naturally at home

That’s 4 more blog post ideas.

You repeat this until you see the same suggestions and related searches and collect those blog post ideas you get in an excel sheet or document.

2: “People Also Ask” Method

Type the keyword into the search box and press enter.

Look for people also ask section.

For example when I entered “weight loss for women” I found these under the people also ask section.

– How can I get skinny in 3 days?

– How can a girl lose weight fast?

– What should I eat if I want to lose weight?

That’s 3 more post ideas.

Cool right?

Let’s check for tips for weight loss at home.

What do I get?

– What is the best way to lose weight fast?

– What is the best exercise to lose weight fast?

– What are the tips for weight loss?

– Can you lose weight in one month?

– Is there any medicine to lose weight?

– How do you get a flat stomach?

– Can you lose weight in 5 days?

That’s 7 more post ideas.

Pro Tip: Click on any one of questions suggested, you’ll see few more questions added to the list of questions.

In just two searches, I got 20 post ideas.

And you can get such ideas too.

If you repeat these, how many more ideas do you think you can get in 30 minutes?

A lot I believe.

3: AnswerThePublic Method

If you don’t get enough ideas to keep you busy with those two methods, then this one is for you.

Go to

Type your keyword and press enter.

Give it a minute, and you’ll see all those questions in a beautiful circle.

Let me continue with my weight loss keyword.

What do I see?

– Can weight loss affect your period?

– Can weight loss cause hair loss?

– Can weight loss cause depression?

– Are weight loss pills bad for you?

– Are weight loss programs effective?

– Are weight loss pills real?

– Are weight loss teas safe?

– Can weight loss cause muscle pain?

And 100 more questions that people are asking and you can use to blog.

And that’s not all.

You get comparisons like:

– Weight loss diet vs. exercise

– Rapid weight loss vs. slow

– Weight loss vs. calories burned

– Weight loss and toning

– Weight loss and thyroid

– Weight loss and fatigue

And you also get alphabetical suggestions like

– Weight loss apps

– Weight loss apple cedar vinegar

– Weight loss after pregnancy

– Weight loss breakfast

– Weight loss cleanse

– Weight loss challenge

– Weight loss diet plan

– Weight loss exercise routine

– Weight loss fitness plan

And more

Pro tip: You can use these keywords with the Tip 1 & 2 to get even more blog post ideas.


That’s a ton of blog post ideas you can use.

It’s not that difficult as everyone says.

You can generate hundreds of blog post ideas in 30 minutes or less with these three tips.

Now, go ahead and give them a try.

Let me know which worked for you.

And to make it even easy and ensure you don’t procrastinate just because you don’t have enough ideas I’ll be sending you 30 blog post ideas in the next three blogs.

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