Blogging Myths That You Should Overcome

In any industry have many myths and beliefs. In The Blogging industry has many unrealistic Blogging Myths That You Should Overcome.
creates a barrier in your path of success. First, we address them and burst them So step by step we’ll overcome all myths
associated with blogging Before you learn some correct one you should unlearn the wrong one

List of top 8 Blogging myths for your blogging success

  1. You need to be lucky to succeed
  2. Need an enormous audience and 1,000,000 hits per month to succeed
  3. Blogging is free
  4. You need to be tech-savvy
  5. You have to be an excellent writer to succeed
  6. You have to post every day
  7. Your blog should be perfect from the beginning
  8. If you blog, people will come.

1. You Need To Be Lucky To Succeed

This is the foremost famous belief that you simply see repeatedly .
Luck has nothing to do with blogging success
Not any successful Blogger get success overnight.
They work very hard.
They did not write all blog post in one day or
They did not earn 1000$ in one day
They invest his time, money and dedication in blogging
Many time they thought about quitting but they did not.
They continue with blogging
Step by step
Post after post
Month after month
They learn things from try and error.
Finally, they succeeded.
So their effort behind his success not lucks.
To succeed you need to believe in your skill, action and effort not in luck.

2. Need an enormous audience and 1,000,000 hits per month to succeed

This is the most popular blogging Myth in this industry.
In the blogging field, your audience should be a quality audience so you can monetize and make money. If your audience is not targeted then you just lost the opportunity. I see many blogs who grow slowly and that they never get 1,000,000 hits per month but them earning well. So the key to success is attracting the right kind of audience.

3. Blogging Is Free

No, Blogging is not free. If you want success in blogging
You need a DOMAIN name and web hosting service for start
Then you should invest in the right Plugin and Theme
You may have to invest in the right Keyword Research Tool and Landing Page Tool.
All these are an essential investment for blogging.

4. You Need To Be Tech-savvy

If you are Tech Savvy then it’s a bonus for you. You can manage Technical things very easily
But you don’t have to be a tech guy for success
You can hire someone to do this

5. You have to be an excellent writer to succeed

As a good writer its help you but not everyone is great to write
I am still learning and crafting myself.
You don’t have to be a great writer
But you should be willing to learn to write better
You should be honest yourself so you can improve your weak point.
You should make a habit of normal writing because that’s the sole thanks to recover

6. You Have To Post Every Day

Most of the people quit blogging because they felt, if they do not blog every day, they would not get success.
It’s not the quantity that matters. But the quality.
Well if you follow a schedule it defiantly helps
But if you post only when you have something to share it will also work for you.

7. Your Blog Should Be Perfect From the start

When you start You don’t need the right logo, Design and tagline for your website. You don’t have the perfect headline and perfect closing of the article
You just start don’t look for perfection.
Starting is much better than perfection.
You cannot become a perfectionist in one day
So don’t wait for perfection, start today whatever you have.

8. If You Blog, People Will Come

No, they won’t
If you have the best content in the world that have the potential to change people lives.
No one will come if you are not telling anything about your blog.

I hope you will be ready for your next blog

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