What’s Your Blogging Angle?

You might be wondering…What the heck is of the blogging angle? How is it related to blogging? Before I answer it, let me ask you a question: Will you be the only blogger in your niche or topic?

No, right?

There’ll be many others blogging in your niche.

Some might have started blogging long before and some starting with you.

Then, how will you stand out from the crowd?

Or in other words,

Why should a reader choose to read your post instead of the many others out there?

Well, that’s where choosing the angle comes into the picture.

Your angle is what differentiates you from others.

Your angle is what makes you, you.

Angle is your approach to writing your blog posts.

It’s your approach to solve your audience’s problems.

It’s the solution you offer to your readers.

Let me break it for you.

Do you know the difference between successful bloggers and rest?

It’s their angle.

When everyone else writing about the topic, successful bloggers write for the audience.

Let me tell you how picking the right angle helped me.

When I started blogging, I had my audience, and topic decided.

But there were plenty of others blogging about digital marketing.

I needed to stand out among them to have a chance at succeeding.

So, I decided to take the ‘personal experience’ angle.

You can see it from the few of the posts I’ve written.

  • How to Approach and Execute an SEO Project for a Client
  • How I Convert 32.3% of My Visitors to Subscribers Using OptinChat Campaigns
  • How I Built India’s Largest Digital Marketing Group on Facebook
  • How to Become a Self Made Digital Marketing Expert
  • How to Become a Financially Successful Blogger

When most of the others were writing about digital marketing tips, I focused on how they can achieve their goals and dreams by sharing my experience.

Because most of my audience are, people who want to become a digital marketer like me and my posts gave them inspiration and confidence to them.

  • It helped me to make a connection with my audience instantly.
  • It also helped me to build authority and trust because I was telling them how I did things and how they can too.
  • And it helped me to create courses that people will purchase.

All this became possible only because of the angle I chose.

So, now you got the idea why the angle is essential to your blogging success.

Let’s see how to pick your angle.

Assume your topic is weight loss for men over 40, and your audience is men who are overweight and over 40.

Now, why do they want to lose weight?

  • They are worried that their overweight could lead to severe issues like blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease.
  • They are worried that they are looking bad.
  • They aren’t able to move agile.
  • They aren’t able to spend more time and play with their kids or meet their demands.

So now, what can you do?

Unless you’re over 40 and been through these issues, you cannot write from your personal experience.

What do most other bloggers do?

They are writing about weight loss tips, foods, and juices, etc.,

Well, you also need to write about these, but before that, you need to make a connection with them.

So, you can write about

  • How to prevent high cholesterol [and foods to eat, exercises to do or products that can help]
  • How to avoid high blood pressure [foods that can help etc.,]
  • How to stay out of the heart attack
  • How to become agile [and move quicker than 20 somethings]
  • Exercise tips to be agiler
  • Foods that can give them more energy [without making them fat or obese]


How it changes everything.

You can transform from yet another blogger who writes yet another weight loss post to a blogger who cares about their problems just by changing the angle.

Make sense?

Let me put it simply.

Your angle is what you do.

And you can write it in two statements.

  • I teach [audience] how to [achievement].
  • I help [audience] to get [specific result].

You can call it your mission statement.

Mine will be:

  • I teach people who want to learn digital marketing how to become a digital marketing expert.
  • I help them to get a better job, more traffic, clients, and conversions.

When I start writing a blog post, I check whether the blog post fits my mission statement. If not, I don’t write it.


Let’s take the ‘weight loss for men over 40’ example.

Your statements will be:

  • I teach people over 40 how to lose weight.
  • I help people over 40 to get healthy, agile and energetic.

All you need to do is to check whether the blog post you write is in alignment with your mission statement.

That’ll lead you to success.

So, what’s your angle?

By now, you’ll have more clarity and direction than most of the bloggers out there.

  • You know what your topic is [or how to pick the right topic]
  • You know who your audience is
  • You know what matters to them most and how you can best help them.
  • You have a mission statement that will guide you to your blogging success.

Hope you get the most from these as I did.

In the next Blog, let’s dive into keyword research.

With keyword research, we can find out what our audience is searching for on the search engine and we will be able to get an insight into their wants and needs.