Top 7 Niche Categories for Blogging

“What are the top niches I can choose?” It’s the biggest question I get from most of my subscribers. And you might have those questions as well. So lets discussed about top 7 Niche Categories for Blogging.

I know the answer – you got to choose the one that you have an interest in (And it needs to have a good revenue potential).

List of Top 7 Niche Categories for Blogging.

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Career
  3. Hobbies or Creative Endeavors
  4. Parenting
  5. Personal Finance
  6. Internet / Digital Marketing
  7. Self-improvement

Each one of these categories is HUGE.

Don’t you see your niche there?

Don’t worry.

It’s there. Probably under one of those big categories.

Still not sure about it?

Do you blog about Yoga? Then you are a subcategory under self-improvement.

Health, fitness or weight loss? You are under self-improvement.

Food blogger? You’re under creative endeavors.

Writing about money-saving hacks? Personal finance.

No matter what your niche is, it is there.

But if you aren’t sure yet, worry not.

Let’s see what major blog topics that typically come under each of these significant categories.


Let’s start with Entrepreneurship.

What’s inside this one?

Startups, leadership, management, business growth, consulting, etc. fall into this.

Why is this a huge one?

People’s mindset has changed.

More people are taking an interest in entrepreneurship.

They want to build and grow a business.

But growing a business or surviving entrepreneur lifestyle is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a hard path to follow and succeed.

They need inspiration, support, and guidance.

That’s what makes this niche a huge one.

2. Career

Career – the opposite spectrum of the entrepreneurship.

Everything from Jog hunting, career planning, career tests, to professional growth [career growth] to nurse training, lab technician training comes under this popular category.

People need jobs. It’s a constant thing.

More students are coming out of colleges looking for right career guidance and support. This niche will never go out of demand as people looking for job or career growth will be entering the market every year.

3. Hobbies or Creative Endeavors

Everyone needs and has a hobby. Their attachment to it varies according to their interest level.

It could be music, photography, writing, food, drink, gardening, home decor, etc.,

This is another massive category because hobbies never die. At this fast-paced lifestyle, people need hobbies more than ever.

Moreover, the improved earning capabilities and modern technologies have opened up new opportunities.

How many people were able to pursue their photography hobby a decade before? Very less, right?

But now, almost everyone can be a photographer.

The ever-growing mobile cameras have made it easy for people to go out and try their photography skills.

Also, people who are making decent salaries can take it even further with professional cameras.

And it applies to other hobbies too.

That’s why hobbies market is enormous and growing.


The more the technology is growing, life is getting complicated.

People are becoming more depending on their gadgets.

Studies show that people spend more time with their mobiles than ever before.

It’s also valid for kids.

The demand of life has forced people to work more and spend more time at work.

Which has created a considerable gap between the relationships?

And the most difficult one is the relationship between the child and parents.

First-time parents feel that parenting is a huge challenge and task.

And it doesn’t get better with experience. The challenges just grow.

That’s what makes this category huge and in demand. And have created more mompreneurs.

Child development, baby, and toddler, child psychology, etc. fall under this category.

5. Personal Finance

People are earning more than ever before.

The more they make, it becomes tricky to manage the finance, and if someone isn’t careful with it, the earnings get spent in no time.

People are always looking for money-saving hacks or saving and investment tips & guidance.

  • Where to put the money?
  • How much to spend on insurance?
  • How much to save on retirement funds?
  • How much for education, travel, and vacations?
  • Where to invest?

Tons of questions and options.

It’s very easy to pick a wrong option and lose everything.

And it has opened a vast market for those who are good at money management.

Insurance, the stock market, trading, investment, mutual funds, savings, credit cards, etc., come under this category.

Then we have the beast.

7. Internet / Digital Marketing

The growth of internet marketing and online advertising has made this category a beast.

It also has opened up opportunities like never before.

SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Social Media, Content Marketing and more are ways to achieve the goals.

More people are entering the world of online marketing with hopes and wish to win big.

You can make revenue promoting products.

You can become an authority and demand an excellent package at work or consulting.

You can become a brand, have your own products and sell them.

You can even sell your hobby products online and make revenue.

You can offer your skills for hire, work from home or anywhere and become a digital nomad.

There’s plenty of ways to win which makes this the most preferred niche.

It’s a crowded and highly competitive one. But, still, there is room for those who can think different.

And then we have Self-Improvement

The biggest of all the niches.

Because it houses everything we need and want

Health, fitness, relationships, personal development, productivity, religion, spirituality, etc.,

It fulfills all the needs mentioned in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

People want improvement all the time. They are not satisfied with where they are or what they have.

  • They want better health so that they can live 100 years
  • They want to be fit
  • They want to have a good family
  • They want to be liked
  • They want to do more in less time
  • They want to be seen as reasonable persons.
  • They want to have a connection with the higher spirit.
  • They want…
  • They want…
  • They want..

And all these “wants” make this category the biggest of all.

If you look closely, all the successful bloggers or niches focus on basic human emotions.

Hundreds year before, your great-great-grandfather wanted to make money, find love, feel healthy and happy.

Hundreds of years from now, your great-great-grandson will want the same.

No matter how technology and way of living change, this remains constant.

People will always want to make money, be healthy, find love, and feel happy.

When you focus on satisfying these emotions, you’re on route to success.

So, what’s your niche? Reply in comments section with your top choice!

In the next Blog, we’ll do a deep dive into choosing the right niche.