Right Niche for your Blog In just 3 Steps

Are you ready to pick right niche for your blog in just 3 steps? Let’s do it. Now, you know what you have to do: You need to pick the right niche that you have interest and knowledge.
And that has revenue potential [for those who want to make revenue from blogging]
And you need to go deep, not wide.

Let’s pick your ideal and profitable blog topic in 3 steps.

3 Steps to pick Right Niche for Blog

Step 1 – List Your Interests

Let’s start with interest part.

It’s time for a little exercise.

List all your interests from most to least.

Answer the following questions for each of the interest you have listed with either Yes or No.

Do you think you can write 50+ blog posts about this topic?
Do you think people will be interested in reading those blog posts?
Can you continuously learn more about the topic and keep improving?
Do you know what problems your readers are facing? [you don’t have to know all of them. having an idea is enough]
Do you know what they want to achieve? [again you don’t need to know all, but you need to have an idea.]
Will you be able to help readers find a solution to their problems?
Will you help your readers achieve their goals?



So what have you learned from this little exercise?

You don’t know much about the topic you thought that you have quite an interest.
You surprisingly know a lot about the topics you thought you are least interested.
There is a considerable gap between what you know and what you thought you’d know.
Now, list the interests based on the number of yes – most to least and pick the top 5.

These 5 are the topics you are interested in and have knowledge.

Step 2 – Find the Right Level of Depth

Now, you need to decide whether to go deep or stay where you are.

If your interest is one of the top-level categories and is not specific enough, then you need to drill down.

If your interest is already specific, then you can stay with it.

For example, if your interest is ‘weight loss,’ then you need to go deep.

You can either go to ‘weight loss workouts,’ or ‘weight loss diet,’ or ‘weight loss for men’ or ‘weight loss for men over 40.’

Because it increases your chances of success.

You need to repeat the process for all the 5 top interests and prepare as much as subcategories you can work out.

Step 3 – Check Revenue Potential

You identified your interest.

You narrowed down to a specific subcategory.

Now, it’s time to check whether they are profitable or not.

[If you aren’t considering to monetize the blog and want the other benefits like becoming an expert, growing your brand, getting more leads, etc., then you can skip this part. This is only for people who want to make Blogging their career.]

How to identify whether the topic is profitable or not?

If your topics tick all these checkpoints, then it’s a profitable one.

There is be enough interest [aka searches]
It is competitive. [don’t worry. competition is good]
It has ads.
It has products that you can promote [digital products, physical products, affiliate offers, etc.]
There is enough interest so that you can probably create your product

How can you find out?

Check the average monthly searches in Google keyword tool or any keyword tool.
Check Google Trends to see whether the interest is going down or up. [seeing spikes is OK]
Check the competition for the keywords in Google keyword tool or other tools.
Check how many ads you’re seeing in Google/Bing or check few blogs ranking for those keywords and see how many ads are displayed on them.
Check Amazon and see how many products are there in the category.
Check Quora, amazon questions & answers, and related forums and see if there is a product gap present.


You got a winner.

You’ve picked your ideal blog topic.

This is the simplest, 3 step approach to identify the profitable topic for your blog.

You can choose a different approach to check the profitability of the topic.

Regardless of the approach, it is mandatory that

You should be interested in the topic.
It should be specific enough, and
It should be profitable.

If your topic fails to meet any of this three criteria, you’ll fail in building a profitable blog.

So, have you picked your niche?

If you’re still struggling, let me know where you are stuck. I’ll see how I can help.

In the next Blog, let’s talk about Deep Analysis For Your Blogging Audience.