How to Write A Great Blog Post In Just 7 Steps?

Do you know what bothers the bloggers every time they sit to write a blog post?

How to write an excellent blog post?

Well, not anymore.

Because in this Blog, you’re going to learn

how to write a great blog post in 7 steps.

Let’s start.

1. Pick a great idea

Most people think a blog post starts in the first word they write.

But it doesn’t

It starts with the idea.

What are you going to write about?

Does the idea solve a problem your audience face?

Will it help them to improve on something?

Will it help them in achieving their goal or dream?

You need to make sure that your idea focuses on the audience.

That’s the first step.

Because it’s the idea that’s foundation to a great blog post.

Believe me.

Not even J K Rowling can write a great blog post without a great idea.

2. Do thorough research

You got the idea.

You need to develop it to be the best.

Because there are hundreds of blog post on any topic or idea you choose, and you want your blog post to be the best among them.

To do so, you need to research thoroughly.

You need to understand what others have written on the idea, what they have missed, and how you can use the gap to your advantage.

And that’s what you’ll do with your research.

3. Create the outline

You got the idea. You’ve done the research and collected all the notes.

Now, you got to arrange them in proper order.

In the order, you’ll present the message to the reader that makes sense.

That’s going to be the outline of your post.

A lot of people skip these 3 steps and end up writing poor blog posts that don’t get any results for them.

You don’t want to join them.

These 3 steps are foundational to your success.

You miss one of them, and you fail.

4. Write a catchy, attention-grabbing headline

We’re done with the foundational part.

It’s time for the execution part.

And it starts with a catchy headline.

People are busy.

They are getting choosier.

Unless if something gets their attention, they aren’t going to notice it.

If they aren’t noticing it, they aren’t going to read it.

And if they aren’t reading, they aren’t going to share it or do anything.

That’s why it’s important to start your blog post with a catchy headline.

Don’t write one and assume it’s going to be the best.

Write at least 20 headlines and pick the best out of them.

5. Write an introduction that’ll reel your readers into the post

You got their attention.

But it’s a short one, a real short one.

[Trivia: Do you know that our attention span right now is lesser than that of a goldfish? Yes, it’s true.]

So before you lose it, you need to capitalize on it.

You should use your introduction to hook your reader and reel him or her into the blog post.

And if you aren’t, you’ll lose him.

6. Write the main body that satisfies the reader

You’ve brought them in with your headline.

You’ve warmed them up with your introduction.

Now is the time to serve them the main course that’ll …

…answer their questions
…solve their problem
…make them better
…satisfy them

…the middle portion of your blog post.

And you need to give your best here

Because if you don’t, you are going to leave your readers disappointed.

Then you aren’t going to get them back, ever.

Use your research and outline efficiently to produce this meat of the blog post.

7. Conclude it with a call to action


You’ve done a great job with your headline, introduction and main content.

Now, you got to close it well.

Consider it as the sizzling desert that completes the delightful meal.

You need to write a conclusion that makes the reader take action.

Because without action nothing is going to happen.

That’s it.

You got the template to write a great blog post your readers will love, every time.

Is it sound a bit overwhelming?

Don’t worry.

In the next few Blog, you’ll get tips to write the headlines, introduction, middle portion, and conclusions.

And then you’ll get templates to write some of the top blog post types.

Isn’t it exciting?

Keep reading and take action.