How to choose a perfect Domain name in 8 steps?

Let’s discuss deeply how you can choose a perfect Domain name. This one…or that one…? Which sounds better? With this work? Will everyone like it? Does it make sense?

Oh, sh*t…

It’s not available…

Someone took it already.

What else to choose?

But it doesn’t sound that good…

What other words are there?

Maybe this one will work’s available.

Finally, booked it.


Are you wondering what’s this about?

This is the series of emotions most people go through before registering their domain name.

And with each day, it grows worse and becomes painful.

Because more and more domains are snatched up every minute.

Registering the domain name you really like is the most frustrating experience.

I can’t do much about it.

And you can’t too.

But I can give you some tips about choosing the right domain name.

List of 8 Step to choose a perfect Domain name

#1 Go for .com domain

I know you might have heard this a ton of times. Let me repeat it one more time.

If possible and available, always go for a .com domain. Because for most people, a domain name always end with .com and that’s what they will into the address bar.

But, if your website caters to a local audience, you should pick the local TLD.

It gives confidence and trustworthiness to your audience because you’re in their country.

#2 Make sure it is easy to spell and remember

Don’t get too creative because your preferred domains are not available.

If people cannot spell it, they aren’t going to remember it.

If they don’t remember it, they aren’t going to tell others about it. You lose.

#3 Make sure it is pronounceable

Remember the time you liked a dish but couldn’t recommend it to your friends because you aren’t sure how to pronounce it?

Well, don’t put your audience in the same situation.

Make sure your domain name is easy to pronounce, or you got to forget all the word of mouth traffic.

There is a rule I follow for choosing domain names. It is called the phone-mention rule.

If you tell someone about your website URL on the phone, can they type it out correctly without asking you to spell it?

If they can, then it is easy to spell and pronounceable.

#4 Keep it reasonably short

Well, it’s hard to get short domain name anymore.

But it doesn’t mean that you go long tail like BestDigitalMarketingExpertInBangalore .com 🙂

And, don’t abbreviate it too. is as bad as BestDigitalMarketingExpertInBangalore .com

Find the sweet spot in between.

#5 Make it intuitive

Your audience should be able to make sense about your blog or website from its name.

Because it creates an instant connection with the audience. It assures the audience that they are in the right place.

Consider this blog –

Will you ask what the blog is about?

It’s easily understandable from the name, isn’t it?

#6 Check Social Handles

Make sure you have the social media handles available for the domain name you’ve shortlisted.

Having the same name on the twitter and Facebook makes your brand memorable and robust.

ProTip: You can use tools like and to check multiple social networks fast.

#7 Shortlist more ideas

While brainstorming, don’t stop with one or two names.

At least come up with 10 to 15 names.

Trust me; you’ll need them. You wouldn’t want to come up with one or two names just to find out that they are already taken.

It’ll be frustrating. So be prepared.

#8 Use name generator tools

There are plenty of domain name generators available online. They work based on a different logics. You can use them to give you more ideas to brainstorm.

Pro Tip #1: Name the benefit approach

What’s the benefit of the blog?

Remember this domain name It rocketed Ramit Sethi into the popularity stratosphere.

It is popular because it states the benefit of the blog directly. The blog will teach you to be rich.

Let’s check another one.

What will it do to you? It will help you make a living by writing.

One more example. It’s going to help you to double your sales.

That’s what I did with my domain names – and

See, how this technique helps you find great domain names. You can try the same approach.

What’re the benefits people will get if they read your blog?

Pro Tip #2: Name the audience approach

Like with focusing on the benefits, you can also focus on the audience.

Who’s the audience for your blog?

Let’s see some examples.

– – blog targeted at all digital marketers

– – blog only for the serious bloggers. use of Only makes it like a club or community.

– – a blog for professional or experienced bloggers

– – community about Indian bloggers

It works better, right?

Then, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and get your perfect domain.

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