How to Choose a Topic and Niche for Your Blog

It’s time for us to move into real blogging discussions. And let’s start with Choose a Topic and Niche for Your Blog. Choosing the right niche is the most frustrating, yet most crucial step to your blogging success.

Most bloggers struggle with it, and it ends up in costing their blogging dream.

In the next few Blogs, I’ll help you choose the right niche for you.

But, before that…

We need to unlearn something…

We need to kill few popular myths about niche blogging.

You might ask…

Why we always have to start by busting the myths?

Why don’t we go straight into choosing the right niche?

Because our decisions are influenced or screwed up by our cognitive biases

And the myths have a higher tendency to trigger those cognitive biases, thus influence your niche selection.

For example, let’s take one of the most famous myth.

1.All the profitable niches are already saturated.

You might have thought so, right?

So did a lot of them and skipped their preferred niche just because they thought it’s already saturated

It’s so common that even experienced marketers and bloggers fall for it.

Trust me…

No niche is fully saturated, ever.

Competition in a niche means there’s demand for it.

Higher the competition, higher the demand.

You don’t have to worry about the competition, just need to focus on a specific audience.

Because every niche will have new users who need more information about products and services.

All you need to do is to find a unique angle to the niche and present the information different than your competitors.

Don’t believe me?

I’ll give you two examples.

Example 1:

Do you know what is probably the most competitive niches on the web?

It’s none other than online marketing and SEO

it shouldn’t be a surprise because online marketers more or less invent blogging.

One of the typical advice you receive will be it’s saturated, and new entrants cannot crack or beat the competitors.

Brian Dean didn’t think so.

He created his blog Backlinko and became one of the most trusted experts in link building and SEO niche today.

All in just a couple of years.

Since then he has launched an SEO course and made quite a windfall from it.

How did he do it?

He applied his amazing skyscraper technique and created longer, better, and in-depth content than his competitors.

And that is how you enter and own a saturated niche.

Example 2:

Personal finance is another highly competitive niche on the web.

But Pardeep still started his first blog and turned it into a great success in just 2-3 years.

He now makes 6-figures income from this blog consistently.

How did he do it?

Instead of writing tons of articles on investing, stock market, and so on, he chose a different angle, sharing his personal experiences.

And he shared actionable tips to save money on shopping and travel.

By altering his approach, he has reached a different target audience who are more action takers than the regular personal finance audience.

And there are plenty of others who have done the same and you can too if you research enough and go in with a different angle.


We already busted one myth.

See, how much sense it makes.

Let’s go ahead and bust a few more.

  1. You can only only succeed in the “Business Opportunity” Niche

This is a classic one.

I can’t blame you for thinking that’s true when every other blogger you see is making revenue by telling others how to succeed in blogging.

But there are plenty other niches from terrace gardening to organic farming, and thousands of people are already making good revenue from.

Of course, you need to ensure there is an earning potential before picking the niche.

  1. You need to be an expert to succeed in Blogging

While there is some truth in this, it still is a myth.

But who do you define as an expert?

Either someone who knows everything about something or someone who knows little more than you about something?

It’s relative, isn’t it?

Honestly, no one knows everything.

I don’t.

And so are your favorite influencers and authority figures.

The truth is…

To build an audience and generate revenue or become an expert in the niche of your selection, you just have to know more than your target audience.

It will be easy, won’t it?

Still skeptical?

According to famous researcher Josh Kaufman, though it takes someone 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, it only takes around 20 hours of focused learning to become really good at it. [Read his book First 20 Hours]

Which means, If you dedicate 20 hours studying the best resources and bloggers in any new niche, you’ll get good enough to start your blog.

Remember, it’s not your knowledge that matters the most, but your ability to understand the problems of the target audience and coming up with the right solution angle is.

When you get this right, you’ll do a lot better than the actual experts out there.

  1. Google is the only traffic source you should focus on.

Everyone loves SEO because it gives free traffic.

But, it isn’t free as much as you think.

You pay for it with your time and effort which is even more precious than other resources.

And with Google fine-tuning and updating its algorithms all the time, your traffic is not guaranteed.

Also, it’s foolish to put all your eggs in one basket.

If you want to ensure a great future for your blog and you,

  • Grow your email list from day 1.
  • Build a community using Facebook Groups.
  • Publish guest posts and connect with other influencers.
  • Use platforms like Medium and LinkedIn publishing & reach the audience otherwise wouldn’t hear about you.
  • Drive traffic from forums and Q&A sites like Quora.
  • Leverage podcast, video, and other format consumers.

And of course, focus on SEO so that you give the best experience to your audience.

There you go.

All the myths are busted, and you’re ready to start.