Success Depends on your effective blogging strategy

Let’s address the harsh truth of blogging.

There is no shortcut to blogging success.

The only route to success is… doing the hard work with effective Blogging Strategy

You’ve to publish one post after another… till you reach your goals

To put it short,

Your blogging survival depends on your ability to produce quality blog posts regularly.

It doesn’t mean you need to write a blog post every day.

But, you need to write regularly.

Which means…you need to build a writing habit.

And how do you build a habit?

By creating a routine

It might sound odd…

But that’s how successful people actually become successful.

Listen to these routines of successful writers…

Stephen King: “I try to get six pages a day.”
Ernest Hemingway: “I write every morning.”
Kurt Vonnegut: “I wake up at 5:30, work [write] until 8:00, eat breakfast at home, work [write] until 10:00,”
Ray Bradbury: “Write a short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row… before you go to bed every night, read one short story.”

And let’s see what some popular bloggers do…

Rand Fishkin: I blog almost exclusively very late at night on weekdays (between 10pm-2am) and the weekends.
Neil Patel: The 2 main days I find myself writing each week is Sunday and Wednesday. Typically I blog when I am at home or on the airplane.
Leo Babauta: I write every morning after I meditate upon waking.

See… they all had a routine…

And that’s precisely what you need to succeed.


You can’t just open a document, and write a 1000 words blog post.

Trust me, and I have been there.

To write one blog post…

You need to

Do keyword or topic research.
Research and collect notes
Prepare the outline
And publish

Whoa…that’s plenty of work to do, right?


How will you do them all, if you aren’t organized?

You’ll be all over the places and wouldn’t get to anywhere you want to

But …

What if, you had a routine. Wouldn’t it be easy?

Let me walk you through an example.

Let’s assume you want to write one blog post a week.

also assuming, you’re either working or running a business and don’t have lots of time to spend on it

The unorganized method:

You suddenly remember it’s time to write the blog post.
You rush through some keyword research or pick a topic randomly.
Then sit and stare at the blank document for a day, hoping you’ll find some inspiration to write.
Rush through some research, write some post and publish
Forget till the next week when you will again remember it.


Waiting for an inspiration to strike…
And letting the blog go stale.

The organized method of Blogging Strategy

Week 1

Monday – 30 minutes – Topic and keyword research [you can do this once a month]
Tuesday – 30 minutes – Ideate and build an idea bank [you can do this once a month
Wednesday – 30 minutes – Content research and notes taking
Thursday – 30 minutes – Outline the post and arrange the notes
Friday – 60+ minutes – Write
Saturday – 30 minutes – Edit and Publish

Week 2

Monday – 30 minutes – Pick the idea from the idea bank [+10 minutes promoting last week blog post]
Tuesday – 30 minutes – Content research and notes taking [+10 minutes promoting previous week blog post]
Wednesday – 30 minutes – Outline the post and arrange the notes [+10 minutes promoting last week blog post]
Thursday – 60 minutes – Write [+10 minutes promoting previous week blog post]
Friday – 30 minutes – Edit and Publish [+10 minutes promoting last week blog post]
Saturday – 30 minutes – Influencer research [+10 minutes promoting previous week blog post]

And so on..

You see the difference, right?

The more you follow the routine with effective Blogging Strategy,

You’ll be improving consistently
You’ll be doing things in less time.
And do more without needing more time.

Which means…

You’ll be growing

And you’ll be getting closer to your goals.

Only, if you’re following a routine.


The most frequent reason I’ve heard from people who struggle to blog is…

They couldn’t find time to blog

They procrastinate.

Because they are overwhelmed by the idea of writing a blog post from start to finish

But, you don’t have to

All you need is to

Create your routine…

And it will lead you to your goals.

I hope you enjoy this blog so please impilment and get more and more benifit from it.

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