Deep Analysis for your Blogging Audience

So, you’ve picked your topic. What next? You would want to go ahead, get your new domain and start blogging. You’re full of ideas, and you’re ready [you may think so]. But… No. Not yet. There are still 2 more components to work out. One of them is your audience, and the other is your angle. It’s time to work on the audience. So lets do Deep Analysis for your Blogging Audience

Why do you need to work on the audience? Why not pick your domain name and start writing your first blog post?

Because your blogging success depends on – your topic, audience, and angle.

And that is the small difference between the successful bloggers and the rest.

Most of the people view their blogs – as an extension of themselves.

As if it springs from them: their experiences, their values, and their ideas.

It is to most people.

Unfortunately, that is the wrong approach.

Rooting your blog in yourself is the biggest mistake you can commit that would lead to your failure.

Because no one wants to read about you.

They care about themselves.

They care about how you could make their life better.

Your blog needs to be rooted in your readership.

You have to stop thinking of your blog as an extension of yourself.

It’s not about you at all, really.

Instead, it’s about your readers: their interests, their problems, and their desires.

Your readers’ goals and dreams are the primary purposes.

You should move from being a you-centered blogger to being a reader-centered blogger.

Because that’s the “secret” to becoming a successful blogger.

It’s the difference between having a blog with 10K subscribers or more or being someone who struggles to keep their family and friends reading.

And that’s why you need to focus on your audience.

Their pains, problems.

Their dreams and goals.

So, what’s an audience?

The audience is the group of people who’re interested in the same topics and think about those topics in the same way.

It sounds cryptic, right?

Let me explain with an example.

Consider freelancers.

They are a big group composed of writers, graphic designers, web designers, coders, copywriters, photographers and more.

But, From a blogging standpoint, it seems like they have a lot in common – they all need clients, use contracts, do taxes.

If you think they are your audience and plan a blog, you’ll struggle.

Because, though they are all freelancers, all these different groups of people don’t think of these topics – or their businesses – in the same way.

Photographers and copywriters get clients in different ways.

So when you write a post to help one group, you are neglecting the rest of the readers who your post doesn’t apply to.

Bored readers click away fast and don’t come back.

That’s why you should stick to One blog. One audience.

For example, when I started, my audience is people who want to learn digital marketing.

Though it’s a vast group containing students, digital marketers, business people; all of them had the only one goal – learn digital marketing so that they can get the results either more traffic or conversions or sales for them or the company they work for.

In that way, they became one audience.

And it helped me to stand out from the rest and succeed.

Let’s take few of the popular blogs and their audience:

ShoutMeLoud – People who want to make money through affiliate marketing.

BloggingCage – Bloggers who want to earn through affiliate marketing

CashOverFlow – people who want to manage their finance better – save and make more money.


All of them focused on just one audience.


Bloggers who try to please more than one audience regret it because it’s a constant struggle.

So, how do you pick the audience?

Every audience has something in common, even if they’re not all at the same educational or income levels.

It includes their fears, frustrations, goals, and desires (also known as obsessions).
They worry that they’re not good enough.
They’re afraid that they’re not doing the right things.
They’re frustrated that their efforts haven’t given them better results.
And, they want the same outcomes.
They dream of someday achieving the same goals.

Now, think. What’s your audience’s greatest need?

You can probably sum them in this format

People who want to [action] and [action] so they can [achieve result] and [achieve result].

For example:

People who want to learn digital marketing so that they can get a better job and get a decent salary.

People who want to lose weight and get fit so that they can be more energetic and play more with their kids.

People who want to lose weight and get fit so that they look slim and young.

People who want to learn blogging and affiliate marketing so that they can earn a passive income and live their dreams.

And that my friend is your audience.

Now, go and define your audience.

In the next blog, let’s talk about What’s Your Blogging Angle.