Should Your Content Strategy Going Deep vs Wide

Hi friends, Content Strategy Go Deep vs. Wide? This is a big question. Do I go deep or broad? It’s the next question that pops into your mind when you pick your first blogging niche idea, isn’t it?

Most people’s blogging success hangs on this question.

A lot of them failed just because they picked the wrong one.

First, let’s see what wide or deep means in niche selection.

The Wide Choice…

Let’s take weight loss niche.

It’s a huge one.

Lot’s of the audience want to lose weight.

Men, women and even kids.

If you chose to go with “weight loss” without drilling down, who will you write for?

Men or women?

Because losing weight works differently for men and women as they have different metabolism and habits.

If you’re writing for both, it kind of loses its steam and falls flat.

It’s not your mistake or your content’s issue.

When people see content written for everyone, they don’t take it seriously.

People nowadays trust specialists more than a generalist.

If you want a heart surgery, you would prefer a heart specialist than a general doctor – even if the general doctor is very good. Right?

They expect things to be tailored precisely for them.

Not all people read all the things all the time.

I’ll give you another example to illustrate this.

Let’s assume you’re buying a newspaper at your home.

Do all of your family read the newspaper in the same manner?

You might scan the headlines and go to sports column.

Your father might read the news and op-eds.

Your sister might be just interested in fashion coverage.

Your brother might go straight to the football news.

Your mom is interested in the news about power cuts and water timings.

It’s the same newspaper.

But, how people see it or use it differs from person to person.

Newspapers cannot print 5 different editions for each of your family members and send it separately because there are printing and distribution costs.

However, since blogging has no such costs, and anyone in the world can access your content at almost no cost, it is better to go for a specific topic than keeping it general.

Let’s think about how exactly topic focused blogs will help your readers.

Let’s say you are starting a weight-loss blog for men.

Even if your weight loss blog is focused only for men, still there are a different type of men.

So what’s the solution?

Go deep.

Now, you know why you need to go deep instead of wide.

Let’s continue with the weight loss example we’ve been seeing.

So, you decided to go with weight loss for men.

But, losing weight doesn’t work in the same manner for every man, right?

People below 30 need to approach it different from people below 40 or over 40.

Some need to follow diet and workout [and even the exercise differs for people of different ages]

Some need to follow the diet and engage in walking or running.

Some people want to follow natural diet drink prune juices or green tea.

Some people want to take the paleo route.

Some people don’t want to stick to the diet at all. They just want different solutions.

Each group has a different set of problems and want a different way to achieve.

How will you address them all in one blog?

What if you drilled down and chose to focus on weight loss for men over 40?

It sounds better, right?

More focused.

And don’t worry.

You’ll have lots of people who are over 40 and want to lose weight.

Of course, they will have different goals and look for different ways to do it.

Some will want to reduce their belly.

Some might want to be slim.

Some might want to be fit and gain more energy to meet their demands.

And so on.

You’ll have plenty to write [and monetize if you want to]

Let’s take another example – digital marketing.

We know by now, it’s one fiercely competitive and crowded niche.

You can write all about digital marketing [like I do] and attract all kind of audience [people who want to learn digital marketing, business people who want to use digital marketing, freelancers who wish to sell their services in digital marketing, etc.,]

It’s going to take a long time to establish yourself as a generalist expert, and you got to write a lot of blog posts to do so


You can sharpen your focus on one of the specializations – SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ads, GTM, Analytics, Email marketing and attract those who want to learn more about it. Even though this sounds deep, it’s not. These sub-categories aren’t less competitive.


You can go even deeper and focus on – SEO for e-commerce, Adwords for e-commerce, email marketing for e-commerce, etc., and attract that specific subset audience. This one can make it bit easy for you to achieve the expert level.


You can stay broad and deep by focusing on digital marketing for e-commerce. This can let you be a generalist with specialization, and you can become an expert if you put a consistent effort.


You can blog about productivity for digital marketers [which is quite a big problem that not many address].

I guess now you get the idea, how going deep changes the entire game.

But, remember…

You wouldn’t want to go deep down where no one can find you.

If you blog about SEO for fitness bloggers who are men and only in the age range of 30-40, it would be going to deep.

You need to go only as deep as you are required to differentiate yourself in the market and compete with other bloggers. Not anymore deeper than that.

So, are you planning to go deep or wide?

In the next blog, let’s talk about Pick The Right Niche For Your Blog In Just 3 Steps.