Blogging is Free or Paid platform?

This is a very important topic for all bloggers. Most of the bloggers are confused Blogging is Free or Paid.

Lets discus….

You aren’t going to get your domain today.

There is something else to do…

…to answer the question you’ve but don’t want to ask

Is it necessary to own a domain to blog

Can’t we do it with a Blogspot or WordPress blog

I’ve heard this so many times and here’s the straightforward answer

If you’re serious about blogging and you want to earn a passive income, build and grow a brand, become an expert, get sales and conversions, then you need a domain for sure.

If you aren’t serious, just want to play around blogging whenever you get time, then you don’t need a domain name. You can pick your Blogspot or WordPress blog.

Let me explain it

Can you call your rented house as your own

Can’t, right

Would you decorate it investing a ton of money to suit your dreams

Won’t, right

Because there is no guarantee that you’ll stay there forever

And you got to vacate it whenever your landlord asks you to.

You’ve to pack your stuff and leave.

Well… building your blog on free platforms like Blogger and WordPress is the same.

It’s not yours. It’s rented.

No matter how hard you worked on your blog, if they decided to kick you out, you got to leave.

And that’s the #1 reason not to build a blog on free platforms.

Free blogs appear less professional than self-hosted ones.

You wouldn’t take me seriously if I had a blog like digitaldeepak (dot) or digitaldeepak (dot) Having my blog at definitely makes it look more professional.

Remember, they are built such platforms for everyone who wants to write something online, and not for you who wants to take blogging seriously.

You got to adjust with the design restrictions, limited plugins, less advertising [aka earning] options.

In other words, you got to live with what’s available and allowed, just like living in a rented house. You can’t do things as you wish.

Of course, they are free and easy to set up and maintain. You don’t need much design or technical knowledge.

But, the negatives outweigh the positives. Don’t they

Now, let’s see the benefits of having your blog on your domain.

You’ve got the full control over your blog.

You can choose the design, themes, plugins and additional functions.

You can do what you want to do with the blog – pick your advertising options.

You can build your brand.

You can grow your business.

You can become an expert, land clients.

You can create your passive income stream.

And the best part is

You own your blog.

You can even sell your blog for good price in the future if you want to.

Of course, it’s going to cost you.

10$ for the domain name & a bit more for hosting the blog.

If you’re serious enough, you can make 10x and more of that cost every year.

So before we start brainstorming your domain name, decide this first

Do you want to a free blog or a paid one

Do you want to be seen as a serious blogger or not

Do you want to own your blog or rent it

If you’re a serious blogger, let’s choose your domain name in the next Blog.