Passion or Profit: Which Type of Blogging is good?

Passion or Profit: Which Type of Blogging is good? It’s confusing, isn’t it? There are hundreds of niches out there with crazy revenue-making potential.

You know the ones; internet marketing, weight loss, forex, insurance, and so on.

If you could just grab a piece of it, you can take care of all the wishes and dreams and settle down in the life, right?

But the problem is…

You might not know much, if anything, about most of those niches [well, other than internet marketing]

But can you dive into one of those niches and make revenue anyway?

Maybe or not.

And on the other hand, there are topics you are passionate about.

Things you love talking about, like your hobbies, skills and the things that make you happy in life.

Or topics that you know a lot about…

Such as things related to your job and problems you’ve faced in life.

This may not exactly be a passion, but you do know them better than others.

But are these profitable?

Maybe or not.

So what should you do?

Should you pick a passion or revenue potential niche?

Well, before we get to that, let’s clarify “passion” and “revenue potential.”

Passion is a strong word.

Most people think passion is something you have to wake up every morning being super excited about the topic.

But, no.

It doesn’t have to be

When I say passion, I mean interest or knowledge.

It could be anything.

It could be your interest in butterflies or puppies or Marvel heroes that you can keep talking about for hours without getting bored or tired

And it could be a problem area in your life, like managing back pain, that you are knowledgeable but not exactly “passionate” about.

And by ‘revenue potential’ niches I mean the insanely profitable niches like online marketing, weight loss, insurance, and health & fitness.

[Trivia: Did you know the dog food market is about 21 billions worth?]

Well, that’s settled.

Let’s get back to the discussion about passion or moolah…

Why does it have to be one or the other? Can’t we take both?

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds.

At least, not in the beginning.

I know a lot of professional bloggers juggle between their passion and revenue blogs without losing their mind. And you can too do so when you are experienced enough.

Personally, I prefer following my passions and interests.

Because I was never bothered much about generating revenue, it worked for me.

Luckily, I am also able to generate revenue with my passion blog as it had revenue potential.

Let’s look at both options and see why it won’t work.

The passion route:

Most gurus suggest you go with your passion.


When you’re following ‘passion’ niches, you’re likely to stay more motivated.

And It’s easier to work on something you are interested in than something you don’t care about, isn’t it?

Otherwise, it feels like a job, that you do for money but don’t really enjoy.

But here’s the problem with passion niches:

Problem 1:

Many bloggers jump into the niches they are interested in without really thinking about how they could monetize it. And later struggle to monetize it due to lack of affiliate products or other channels for revenue generation.

It may not be an issue for people who aren’t focused on monetizing their blog.

Problem 2:

It might be difficult to find an audience who are interested in your niche.

We are all social animals, and we thrive on recognition and appreciation.

If you couldn’t find people who appreciate your articles [blog posts], you’ll lose the interest and motivation to write further.

And the blog will end up dead.

So you should evaluate your interests for either profitability or audience first,

Because nothing hurts more than spending months working on a passion blog…

…Only to find out that no one out there wants to read it or not a penny can be made from it.

It hurts so much that people almost quit blogging forever.

It doesn’t mean you got to go with the topic that mints you green.

Because chasing money doesn’t work all the time.

Many found out it the hard way…

The profit route:

I know this firsthand from a friend of mine.

He wanted to make some revenue blogging.

So he chose a couple of hugely profitable niches.

Spent days finding the right keywords, domain names, hosting, themes, etc.,

He set the blog and geared up to write his first blog post.

He opened up a new document and tried to put words on it.

And that’s when he realized it…

He knew almost nothing about the topic and couldn’t even write a sentence about it.

He believed he could fake it, dived into research and created the blog post.

But, it turned out so bad that even he couldn’t read it for the second time.

His content was vague and uninteresting.


Because he didn’t know anything that the people in the niche might care about

He didn’t know the problems faced by those people.

So his post came out so dull and meaningless.

That’s what happens with most people who jump headfirst into those ‘high-profitable’ niches.

They end up writing such poor content which reads as if someone wrote them just to make ‘easy’ monies.

Because there’s so much revenue potential around the niches doesn’t mean you can get some for yourself.

Trust me,

If you’re not making a connection with the audience

If people wouldn’t trust the content, you wrote.

You wouldn’t get anything.

It’s like…

Even if the entire ocean is filled with water, you can’t drink a drop it.

So what should you do then?

Well, the writing is on the wall.

You should pick a niche that you both know about and is profitable.

You don’t need to be overly passionate about it.

But at the very least you should have an interest, or you know something about, and it should have revenue potential.

You find a niche that overlaps both, you can enjoy what you are working on and make revenue from it.

Does that answer the passion vs. revenue debate for you?

So comment below and lets found out which one is best according to you.

I’ll try to answer them.

In the next blog we will discuss Should Your Content Strategy Going Deep Vs. Wide